"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci
Finally, Referral Onboarding Simplified By OneAdvisorLink™

What's the Deal with Referrals?

Hey, you top-notch advisors out there, you're sitting on a goldmine with these referrals, right? But let me guess, it's more like a ghost town. Why?

'Cause your clients are wandering around confused, and lost...

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It is Confusing How To Refer You

It's not clear; it's not intuitive.
Questions arise...

"I don't wanna bug my advisor."

"Are they even looking for more clients?"

"What if my referral just gets lost in the inbox?"

"How the heck do I connect the two sides?"

"Can they ask question if they're not a client yet?"

"Email? Text? Carrier pigeon? How's this work?"

"How do I make this intro without it being weird?"

It's a mess. They're lost. And you're missing out. Spoiler: It's Not You, It's the Confusion.

Problem with referrals
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Thoughts about the AskMyAdvisor® OS

5 star rating

"This software has 0 fat."

Retd. Chief Data Scientist at Microsoft, Dean Hachamovitch

5 star rating

"This is the way."

Vice Chairman and Senior Partner at Deloitte, Stephan Sinwell, CPA

5 star rating

"It's Simple and Brilliant."

The Original Referral Coach, author, Bill Cates of Top Advisor Podcast

Finally, A Complete Referral Onboarding OS, Running 24/7/365, on Autopilot.

"Upgrade Your Client Building Process From The Horse & Buggy Era Straight to a Tesla."

Shift from being a part-time advisor and part-time marketer, to what you do best...Being an outstanding advisor, full-time.

What happens now? It's adding a 24/7 sales team to your staff in 10 minutes sans the $250k/yr. in paychecks, days off, complaining, and hiring pains, while you take better care of your top clients. There is nothing like this.

The AskMyAdvisor® Method & OS

Transforming the advisor-client relationship by offering the first-of-its-kind complete client discovery and referral onboarding OS.

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Do you know this about your clients and advisor friends?
Knowing this enables you to look at these relationships in a different light. We'll show you how to put it to work.

  • 90% would refer
  • 10% Actually do
  • 80% Open to refer
  • 600+ Avg. COI per person
  • 6k+ 10 clients COI
  • 20% Deliver 80% revs, referrals
  • 80% Unclear how to refer
  • #2 COI Clients & advisors
  • #1 COI? Top 20% of #2

Some thoughts on AskMyAdvisor®

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Brian's approach takes friction out of the equation. As they often say on the Mandalorian - "This is the way"

Referrals: for many of us they are the basic input to ensure our pipeline remains thriving. During my career, I always struggled with getting timely referrals even though my clients loved our work - there was too much friction to make it happen organically. Brian's approach takes friction out of the equation. As they often say on the mandalorian - "This is the way"

Stephen Sinwell, Senior Partner & Vice Chair Deloitte

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Be Everywhere, All the Time. Your Automated Client Discovery + Referral Onboarding Sales Force Never Sleeps.

  • *Our members are in 6 advisor channels: accountants, attorneys, consultants, financial advisors, realtors, and other trusted advisors (insurance, mortgage).

  • A minimum of 5 years in production are required for software access. Possible exceptions for SME and ENT membership. Contact for more information.