"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci

Netflix & Uber simplified old ways; See how simplicity automates referrals.

An advisor’s #1* referral killer?

Confusion on how to refer. The fix? Confusion. How? Have one referral funnel only. Get the 90-sec blueprint (free). 

*The #2 referral killer isn't even close. Our new (free) webinar shares the DIY & DFY (our software) gameplan to activate "one referral funnel" in 10 minutes.
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Exclusively built for advisors who are outstanding accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, realtors, and other trusted advisors.

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Words on the AskMyAdvisor® OS

5 star rating

"This software has 0 fat."

Retd. Chief Data Scientist Microsoft Dean Hachamovitch

5 star rating

"This is the way."

Vice Chairman of Deloitte
Stephan Sinwell, CPA

5 star rating

"It's Simple and Brilliant."

The Original Referral Coach, author, Bill Cates of Top Advisor Podcast

The AskMyAdvisor® SPRS
The Power of a Single-Path Referral System 

By implementing a Single-Path Referral System (SPRS), advisors greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their referral processes, leading to superior client acquisition results. This makes referral and client growth scalable.

Additional thoughts...

What Causes the Friction?

The Confusion On How To Refer You.

It's not clear; it's not intuitive.
When a referral comes to mind, so do questions...

"I don't wanna bug my advisor."

"Are they even looking for more clients?"

"What if my referral just gets lost in the inbox?"

"How the heck do I connect the two sides?"

"Can they ask question if they're not a client yet?"

"Email? Text? Carrier pigeon? How's this work?"

"How do I make this intro without it being weird?"

It's a mess. They're lost. And you're missing out. Spoiler: It's Not You, It's the Confusion.

Problem with referrals
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Finally, A Complete Referral Onboarding OS, Running 24/7/365, on Autopilot.

"Upgrade Your Client Building Process From The Horse & Buggy Era Straight to a Tesla."

Shift from being a part-time advisor and part-time marketer, to what you do best...Being an outstanding advisor, full-time.

What happens now? It's adding a 24/7 sales team to your staff in 10 minutes sans the $250k/yr. in paychecks, days off, complaining, and hiring pains, while you take better care of your top clients. There is nothing like this.

The AskMyAdvisor® OS

Strengthening the advisor-client relationship by removing the friction that stops referrals from happening.

  • 1

    The Foundation? Untapped.

    Polls show that 90% of clients say they'd refer their advisor, yet only 10% do. What happens if you shift the focus to this 80% sweet spot? 

    You can boost your referral output by 800% within your current client and advisor relationships.

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    The Reach? Massive.

    The average person's Circle of Influence (COI) is now +600, thanks to social media.

    This means that your top 20 clients have a COI that is more than 12,000 people.

    "Birds of a feather flock together." 

    You want to clone your top 20% clients, the ones account for roughly 80% of your income? Get more referrals from them.

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  • 3

    The Big Problem? Confusion.

    Questions that arise when a client has someone they know who needs an advisor:

    "I don't want to inconvenience my advisor."

    "Is my advisor accepting referrals?"

    "How can I ensure my referral doesn't get lost?"

    "What's the best way to share my advisor's contact info?"

    "Should I wait until my next meeting to mention the referral?"

    "Can someone who isn't a client ask a question?"

    "What's the preferred method to share my advisor's contact info?"

    "How can I introduce my referral to my advisor effectively?"

    "Will my advisor have time to speak with the referral?"

    "Can I share my advisor's email for the referral?"

    "Is my advisor open to taking on new clients?"

    "Should I share my advisor's calendar URL?"

    "Which phone number should I share with the referral?"

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    The Fix? Simplify.

    Many advisors wonder endlessly why they are not getting referrals. It's not them. The fact is, it's rarely intuitive exactly how to connect referrals and advisors.

    "Delays are the death of referrals."
    To solve this remove all confusion. Make it simple for clients, other advisors and friends to refer you.
    Become referrable.

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  • 5

    How? Have one path.

    Have one path and one path only to refer you. When people know the one way to refer you and it's clear, you have removed the questions in #3. You also remove the stress and you put yourself top of mind moving forward.
    For the AskMyAdvisor® Method, we have two ways of doing this.

    One is DIY (using email) and the other is DFY (using our software).
    To see a sample of our DFY path for simplifying, click here or the button below (both open new tab) .


A wise man once said, "Focus on the vital few, not the trivial many."

About your client and advisor relationships on referrals, reach, and your vital few (top 20%). Knowing and putting this data to work changes the game.

  • 90% Say they'd refer
  • 10% Actually do
  • 80% Are not
  • 600+ Avg. COI per person
  • 6k+ 10 clients COI
  • 20% Deliver 80% revs, referrals
  • 80% Unclear how to refer
  • #2 COI Clients & advisors
  • #1 COI Top 20% of #2

In The News...


What's the essence of the AskMyAdvisor® Operating System OS?

"AskMyAdvisor® enables establised accountants, attorneys, consultants, financial advisors, realtors, and other trusted advisors to focus on what they do best while our OS handles the rest."

The AskMyAdvisor® OS adds a full sales team in minutes without the typical headaches and hassles. 

  • Say goodbye to hiring costs, time and recruitment efforts,
  • Goodbye to the burden of salaries and benefits. 
  • Forget about office gossip, whining, unexpected absences, days off, and headaches of managing a team. 

The AskMyAdvisor® OS runs 24/7/365 without breaks, holidays, and over $250,000 in salaries a sales team requires. 

Best of all, it's 3rd grade simple to run (by design) and can be activated in just 10 minutes.

Be Everywhere, All the Time. Your Automated Client Discovery + Referral Onboarding Sales Force Never Sleeps.

  • *Our members are in 6 advisor channels: accountants, attorneys, consultants, financial advisors, realtors, and other trusted advisors (insurance, mortgage).

  • A minimum of 5 years in production are required for software access. Possible exceptions for SME and ENT membership. Contact for more information.